About Us

With over 50 years of experience, Charles and Donna Haddox opened Haddox Machine in 2008.

Haddox Machine, a woman owned company, is constantly evolving. We started in our garage in 2008 and now occupy a 1000 sq. ft. Shop at the corner of 9th Ave. and 9th St. In Huntsville AL.

We do general machine work and some Fiberglass fabrications. We currently have milling, drilling, turning, grinding, heat treating, welding, cutting, bending & laser capabilities .

The goals of Haddox Machine Shop are to provide great customer satisfaction at a competitive price in a reasonable amount of time in a clean working environment, while making a profit for our investor.

It starts with “Communication” with the customer. Clearly understanding your requirements and expectations, then bringing to the table our wide array of solutions. Choosing the best production path to provide the highest quality at a reasonable price for you, our customer. Working in this manner facilitates quick turn around on your project. By using wise and prudent choices throughout the manufacturing process we give back to our investors the returns they have come to expect.

At Haddox Machine Shop you will find a no nonsense approach to the creative process.

Clearly, we are a very small entity with plenty of room for growth. Its like a puppy with BIG feet.

Charles and Donna Haddox

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